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serrico in boxofwrong

Profit Vid: Conspicuous Consumption Can't Give You Love

Conspicuous Consumption Can't Give You Love
Source: Profit, by David Greenwalt & John McNamara
Music: 'Mercedes Beck', by Lenlow
Summary: Jim and Bobbi, Grasping Opportunists. (The title says it all.)
Details: 48MB | .wmv
Sendspace link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lgiehl
Or: watch it streaming on iMeem.

Should the Sendspace link expire, just drop me a comment and I'll re-up.


I love those little moments of breaking the fourth wall; they work so well for the show, I just had to include a couple in the vid.

(Aside: I really need to get myself a good Profit icon)

Dude. That was so freaking cool. I loved the song you picked for Bobbi, and how you went back and forth between the two. I'm downloading it. So freaking cool. Great job!
Thank you! I'd had that mashup on my computer forever; I was listening to it one night when I had Profit on the mind, and it just *clicked*. When the music works...

I'm glad you liked it!
Oh, damn, was that frakking brilliant. Thank you!
Whee! I like being called brilliant. *g*

Ooh, I really liked this, for both of them, but Bobbi in particular. Unfortunately, it seems the sendspace link has expired, so i only saw it on imeem.
Eep! LJ never sent me this comment! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

Thank you! If you're still interested in watching non-streaming, I can actually provide a permanent download link, which can be found here:

I think I eventually must have found that link, because I do have the video downloaded and saved on a DVD. But thanks anyway!
That was *awesome*. I love how you cut this vid, and that song is PERFECT, wow.

I would love the sendspace link if you would be so kind as to upload it again? :D?
Thank you! The combination of this song and this source...still makes me happy. *g*

I can do one better than uploading again: there's a permanent download link here at my LJ:


I'm glad you liked it!
Oh thank you so much!!!! You're a really talented vidder, I'd like to see what else you have. I have so much AWE for fanvidders--the amount of patience that must take would make me throw myself into traffic :DDD

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