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inathunderstorm in boxofwrong

[five times Gail said "yes" to Profit]

I recently did a meme on my LJ, asking for "Five Things" questions for various fandom pairings/characters. I was given "Five Times Gail Said Yes To Profit", and I thought I'd share the result here :)

Five Times Gail Said Yes to Profit

1. After the office Christmas party. Gail made the mistake of having too much to drink, and Mr. Profit drove her home. He parked the car in the darkness in front of her house (how he did that, found the perfect spot between the street lights and the shadows, she'll never know) and switched off the engine and just looked at her. "I'm scared of you," Gail told him, all breathless and trembling, and Mr. Profit stroked her cheek with his gloved fingers and said, "I know." Then he asked if he could come inside, and she thought there was something wrong with the way he was smiling at her, but she said yes anyway.

2. She's working late helping him one night, and he orders them dinner. He's being very charming, and sitting on his desk with his jacket off and his tie loosened, shirt-sleeves pushed up. He knew exactly what she wanted from the Thai place without even having to ask her. And she's maybe a little lonely, and sure, his smile never reaches his eyes and his laugh sounds just a little too hollow to be real, but--for one night, she just wants to pretend.

3. He needs to take a date to a wedding. She really, really shouldn't, but he buys her a nice dress and there's really good food at the reception, so she goes. He looks good in a tux, and if he disappears for a good half-hour during the reception and comes back looking flushed and pleased with himself, she just doesn't ask why. When he takes her home he kisses her cheek and tells her thank you. Gail never wears the dress again.

4. She loses her mind one day, and when it's just the two of them in the office she shyly puts her arms around him and kisses him. Just to see, just to maybe shake him up a bit. He kisses her back--and very, very well--but when she pulls away from him, his eyes are open and cold. "You don't want this," he tells her, sounding completely unmoved. "Trust me."

Gail never, ever does that again.

5. There's a woman down in Accounting who is making her life miserable. She steals Gail's lunch, she takes her parking spot, she tries to get Gail in trouble. Gail is pretty sure the woman wants her job, and isn't going to stop doing passive-aggressive annoying things until she gets it. She's bitching about it to Mr. Profit one day, and he says pleasantly, "Would you like me to take care of this, Gail?"

Two days later, the woman is gone, and there's a temp in her place.


These are cool ideas. I'd love to see any of them expanded.

Thank you! I think I might have to do one or two :D

That would be great!

Clearly we like VERY SIMILAR SHIPS LOL. :D
He kisses her back--and very, very well


And that last one. !!!!!!!!!!!!! FL:SJFLKSDJ:LKDSJ O_________O Yes. Just. YES. I love the "he says pleasantly." PLEASANTLY. Because that's right. That's Profit. To be quite pleasant about it.
Pleasantly EVIL. ::giggles::

Thank you! I do love them, and I continue to love the existence of the Internet/Livejournal for providing me with a fandom for this show!!!
They're all good, but to my mind, number three is *awesome*. And yet, TOTALLY OUTDONE by number four. :)

Thank you! My apologies for the delay in responding to your comment! ::embarrassed::
I like all of these and they all have such alluring possibilities. I think I like 1 and 4 the best. Who wouldn't lose their mind around him once in awhile?

*Eyes Profit DVDs* It might be time for a marathon again.
I would most certainly be pleased to lose my mind to him on occasion, definitely :DDD

Thank you! Oh man, wait until you see "Chinese Box" if you've not yet--that episode seriously makes me all swoony (I've got weird pairing tastes, I admit it). What makes me so happy about Profit and Gail is that there is this obvious AFFECTION beneath the creepiness of him being a sociopath who is *blackmailing her*. It's like it gives her the ability to do what he wants but I think she wants to *anyway*, and oh man. I just love them.

There's good fic here, and I'm so happy this place exists. I thought I was alone! Also there's some good stuff on the yuletide archive.

The show was so ahead of its time!
Fantastique!! I loved the description of Profit's (*always* Mr.!) gloved hands, his creepy 'intuition' (or whatever).
Thank you very much!!

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