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May 7th, 2007

well-behaved women never make history

tiferet in boxofwrong

[FIC] Hostile Takeovers, SPN/Profit Xover, explicit (but not yet)

It's not May 13th yet, but there is a lot of this fic, so I'm gonna post it as it gets done.

Title: Hostile Takeovers

Author: Azalais (ataniell93)

Fandom: Crossover: Profit and Supernatural

Characters: Most of the characters in both series, including a migratory SPN OC of mine. Pairings include canon pairings, Wincest and a few surprises.

Rating: It’s not a movie, but you can expect explicit (but not gratuitous) sex and violence a bit down the road.

Warnings: Lots of incest, lots of death. Profit and the Winchester brothers don’t die, but don’t get too attached to anyone else.

Prompt: Profit, Winchesters; The real story about how Jim Profit's mother died.

Summary: Jim Profit might not want to fight for humanity, but he’ll damn sure fight for himself and what’s his.

Notes: If you don’t watch Supernatural you should, but I think I explain most of the SPN stuff in context. If you have questions, ask. Also, translating Profit's backstory into the SPN universe like this puts a different slant on a lot of the events than might be drawn from the series alone. Prepare for a certain amount of revisionist history.

Chapter One: I'm not supposed to be like this but it's okay.

Chapter Two: It's a damn shame, I gotta be bullet proof just to make you see the truth.

I expect there to be thirteen chapters, give or take one or two.

Mad love to my betas, littlewings04 and elektrykdark.
well-behaved women never make history

tiferet in boxofwrong

Meta: Profit and morality, two concepts that may or may not go together.

So, linaerys and I realised that we were in deep danger of taking over hackthis's journal with this thread here, and have decided to continue the discussion in the appropriate place, i.e., this community, with interested parties, i.e., y'all.

So, we were discussing Profit/Gail (as can clearly be seen at the linkage above), and this is what I said, repeated here with some elaboration:

I love Gail, but she always maps to me as Jim's good mother. We know who his bad one is. And the good mother doesn't fuck her baby. So I have him do other people, but Gail is his mama. And there is a lot of subtext, but nobody acts on it.

I actually think he has feelings. Just not the same ones everybody else has. I don't think he's a true cold emotionless sociopath, I think he's abused and weird and twisted, which is why we all want to love on him, even though if you saw that box it could very well end up being the LAST thing you ever saw. He loves Gail, and she loves him, and each of them thinks they're the other person's parent/teacher/whatever figure, but for me, that's not sexual, because it's as close to un-fucked-up love as he ever gets in canon.

I also think he has a kind of morality. The whole Chinese Box scenario, he definitely thought that in the end everyone would get what they deserved, and since he planned it out that way, he had to have been thinking about that. I certainly don't think he would have knowingly allowed Gail to be raped, though of course that risk existed when his plan didn't work exactly the way he intended it to. It's not moral like our adult morality, it's a child's morality, where punishments are all out of proportion, because little kids love justice but haven't lived enough to understand the need for mercy.

He's such a hurt little boy inside.


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