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inathunderstorm in boxofwrong

Ficlet: "Typo", Profit/Gail, Rated T.

Title: Typo
Author: sionnain
Pairing: Profit/Gail
Rating: T
Warning: D/S.


"Do you see why you can't do this, anymore, Gail? Why you can't make these kind of mistakes? One single typo could send them over the edge, and then what would we do? Hmmm? What do you think we would do, Gail?"

It's very hard to answer questions for Mr. Profit when she's not wearing any panties and bent over his desk. Gail thinks about complaining to upper management, but Mr. Profit has them all blackmailed, so it wouldn't really matter what she said. "Um," she says, feeling a bit light-headed, trying to blow the strands of her hair out of her eyes so she could see. "I guess--I guess so, Mr. Profit."

He smacks her ass again. Mr. Profit is wearing gloves. That's how Gail knew she was in trouble, really. The gloves. He'd called her on the intercom, voice demonically cheerful (that wasn't really out of the ordinary, for a Monday--whatever Mr. Profit did on the weekends, he came in whistling, usually, bright and early), to "ask her about the memo". When she'd closed the door behind her, she'd turned to see him there--wearing that smile that looked like the devil's leer, dark eyes fixed and steady and unblinking like a hawk--and she'd seen the gloves.

She knew then she was in trouble.

"You guess so? Gail. I do not pay you additional wages to be so disrespectful. Did you know that Julie in marketing is always saying she wants to come work for me?"

The sting of the leather against her ass makes her bite her lip, makes her kick her feet up just a little. She tries not to do that--he hates it, says it's dramatic--but she can't help it. Leather hurts, on bare skin. And Mr. Profit is lean and looks nice in a suit, but he's got muscles beneath it. Gail breathes, deep and even through her mouth. Then let her. Dear God. I'll go work for that bitch that heads up marketing as long as she doesn't administer corporeal punishment. "I--yes, sir, Mr. Profit. I won't--I won't do it again."

She must have taken too long to answer. He bends down, one glove resting next to her head. The wood of his desk has warmed beneath her cheek. He likes it when she cries, but this offense has not warranted that. "Do you want me to have Julie from marketing take your place, Gail?" His voice is a threatening purr, low and dark like espresso poured over the darkest of bitter chocolate.

"No," she breathes, closing her eyes. His hand rests on her ass, rubbing gently. The pain is a gentle memory, and indistinct buzz in her head. He straightens up, walks over to the window. Gail wonders what sort of things Mr. Profit thinks about, at night, when he goes to sleep. She knows, now that he's left her alone, that she can stand. Her legs shake, and Gail reaches down to pull her panties up from around her knees. She straightens her skirt, running an unsteady hand through her hair. When she's somewhat put together, she stands straight with her hands clasped behind her back. She waits. Eventually he turns around, like he always does, and he's silent for a long moment as he looks at her.

"Good girl. Go get me some coffee, would you?" He smiles at her. His smiles all look the same, like he doesn't ever mean them. Gail thinks maybe he can't, anymore. She hopes she never finds out why. He looks kind. It's all a lie, but Gail smiles back at him. It's just easier that way.


Wow, that is... all kinds of wrong and awesome.

Brilliantly written. And intriguing imagery.
Thanks! Man, I have no words to express my sheer joy at there being a Profit fandom in existence. *twirls happily*

I know! It's so satisfying to see other fans and that there's fic and picspams and everythign!
OH! Very nice.
Thank you! I'm really so thrilled other people love this show so much!!! Thanks so much for reading!!
Loved your Gail and how we get to see Profit through her eyes. The way he smiles, and leers. And the gloves. Oh god, the gloves.

Great fic.
Hee! Thank you! I totally think that man looked really hot and TERRIFYING in gloves. Mmmm.

What is it about Profit that immediately brings to mind "bent over a desk getting the hell spanked out of you"?

I don't know, but it happens to me, too. ^_^
I mean, *I* wouldn't say no....!


Thank you! I keep saying this, but that there is a fandom for this show--is pretty much the best thing ever.
Wow, this was great (and hot). I really like your style of writing.
Oh, thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!
OMFG! You know, I was hoping you had seen Profit! It just seems like a show you would like. I started watching it this week and I am hooked! I was thinking to myself today that there should be some Jim/Gail fic out there, and here it is!!

Pardon me while I squee!!!

Edited at 2008-03-01 04:24 am (UTC)
Oh yes, I LOVE this fandom and I LOVE this ship!

It reminds me I have to post my Profit/Gail yuletide fic!

And thank you so much!!!

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